"Tom you actually captured a better Boaz than I imagined. You were great at the other parts, too, but when I heard Boaz - my search was over!" (Coincidentally this was the most auditioned for role).

Glenn Hascall



"The project was very rewarding and it was a joy working with voice talent Tom Chalker who recorded fifty-three of the short stories and did the post production for the entire project." From the audio book "Spirit of The Badge"

Heather Costa



"Hey Tom, Didn't know if you got the word that your work is officially on our imdb web page. You've officially gone hollywood!!"


Jackie Smessaert
Director BOTNIK !



"Hey Tom, Just thought I'd let you know that Botnik won Best Animation at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and was runner up for best narrative short at the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival Thanks for being part of the team !!"

Jackie Smessaert
Director BOTNIK !



"Nailed it quickly and beautifully, competition didn't even come close - An amazing voice talent"

Charlie Warren
The Campaign for Aging Research (HealthyYears.org) in San Jose CA.



"Thanks Tom-You did a fine job!"

Mark Schultz
RC Productions



"Tom-Thanks for the speech intro....it was PERFECT! I had a lot of compliments on it and I dropped your name and website to many guests, thanks again!"

BK Boat n Sleds



"We really appreciate that you took the time to come to Chicago to voice the trailer for Botnik"

Sean Henry
Calabash Animation



ANNOUNCER TRIES TO LIGHTEN THE MOOD: Announcer Tom Chalker added a little color to his commentary Sunday, as he had done all season. After saying Kalamazoo had a first down but then realized it didn't, Chalker said, ``Never mind, the announcer's a moron.'' And after a Saginaw penalty, ``Beep, beep, beep -- we're backing up.'' After a Saginaw field goal attempt smacked into the low-hanging scoreboard, Chalker gave kicker Anthony Gallagher a reminder: ``It's only been there the whole game.''

Kalamazoo Gazette Monday June 30, 2008